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Most of you in attendance probably already know me as the inventor of the first infrared ear thermometer, the ReBuilder for neuropathy, and as the chairman of the board for the American College of Physical Medicine where we have recently added a Board Certification for Covid-19. (I will give you that contact information a little bit later in this talk.)

This talk will last approximately 30 minutes. The Board Certification includes about 10 hours of very specific data.

In this module, I’m going to talk about what 6 things you simply must know to protect yourself, your family, your patients and your practice.

It is understood that currently there is some illness out there that is making people experience discomfort. Whether this illness is a result of a specific virus labeled Covid-19 is highly controversial.

Those who have actually studied the situation in detail recognize that it is vastly commercialized and likely to be a hoax or a bad case of the flu. Regardless, we still need to find our personal path thru this maze.

Let us begin by discussing how we can manage ourselves, primarily related to our private practice:

1. Recognizing the symptoms

Common flu symptoms like coughing, labored breathing, loss of taste or smell and unusual fatigue are being reported. Normally, you would not treat patients exhibiting these symptoms anyway. In today’s environment, however, healthy patients will not want to be exposed to symptomatic patients and are likely to leave and not come back. So I recommend that you display a sign that states: “Please do not come to our office if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: coughing, labored breathing, loss of taste or smell or unusual fatigue.”

2. Communicating about Covid with others:

In any communications with others, stating our researched opinions about the Covid-19 issue may have serious ramifications as long as this subject is in the national news and conversation. Until the presidential election is finalized and the issues of lockdowns, forced mask wearing, vaccinations, and the precarious economy is stabilized, people will take sides and defend their uneducated opinions or established beliefs. We have already witnessed these situations in everyday life. It is my opinion that it is best to not share your opinions and resist discussing them until you are certain of the other person’s perspective. Otherwise, you could lose business and perhaps even your license to practice.

3. Masks:

Masks are useless unless the wearer is symptomatic with obvious flu or cold symptoms. Most masks are useless in limiting the spread of viruses because virus particles are too small to be captured in a common surgical mask. These masks may help absorb droplets but cannot filter out viruses. Once the wearer touches his face or places his mask on a table or car seat, etc., it is immediately rendered contaminated. The only effective mask on the market is the one I invented for my personal use which I then shared with friends and other professionals that has a large fiber weave to allow the free flow of air. It is also transparent and impregnated with silver. The particles exhaled thru the mask are electrostatically attracted to the silver threads and are deactivated and the bacteria is destroyed. These masks can be resanitized over 100 times by putting them in the microwave for fifteen seconds. As effective as they are, I only wear them where required or in the presence of someone with symptoms. You can read more about them and purchase them at What For all those listening, you can get 2 free masks by using the code DAVID at checkout .

Other factors include the fact that most of these store-bought paper masks are made in China, which makes their effectiveness questionable Paper masks can reduce oxygen levels by 20% and increase carbon dioxide levels by 8%. Also consider that the human body expels metabolic by-products and bacteria via the skin, kidneys, liver, urine, feces, and expelled air. This expelled air (along with water vapor) is absorbed into the fibers of the common mask and stays there. This damp, dark environment only breeds more harmful bacteria.

In conclusion, do not wear a common mask at any time and only wear the silver mask when required in public or during your office hours to acknowledge your patient’s concerns. Obviously, the exception is when in the presence of someone with symptoms or if you have symptoms.

4. The Anatomy of Covid

1. It resides primarily in the nasal and sinus passages and lungs.

2. It is really a nerve infection. This is why the symptoms of loss of smell and taste occur.

3. The lungs are not exhibiting the fluid build-up commonly observed in pneumonia; instead, the breathing issue is a result of the nerves that cause the diaphragm to contract and relax that have become dysfunctional.

4. The fever is a result of the immune system fighting the build-up of bacteria in the oral cavity.

5. The cause of increased likelihood of death if the patient is placed on a ventilator is that these devices are not properly calibrated and made by non-medical companies (like car manufacturers), and often over-inflate the lungs while the nerves to the diaphragm are not stimulated to work in unison. This allows the cells to stretch and allow bacteria into the blood which adds to the overworking and reduction of the white and T cells allowing a cascade of infection.

5. Prevention of “Covid-19”

1. Nutritional support: Vitamin C, D, Vitamin B complex, zinc, magnesium, selenium, Hydrogen peroxide inhalation, melatonin, Quercetin

2. Prescriptive support: Ivermectin and Hydroxychloraquin

3. Physical actions: Exposure to sunlight to make Vitamin D, temporary hyperthermia via sauna, hot tub, and even long hot showers. Avoid a hot bathtub because of the accumulation of skin bacteria in this small volume of water. Avoidance of arguments to reduce stress, if available, appropriate consenting sex with partner to orgasm to reduce stress and re-align nerve cells.

4. Education:

Avoid network TV news. Seek out independent news sources such as and

Covid-19 Board Certification: The American College of Physical Medicine is offering a Board Certification in Covid that provides ten hours of education with the very latest facts about this issue. This will assist you as you answer your patient’s questions about Covid-19. When completed, you will receive a plaque to display in your office that will enhance your credibility about Covid and your patient’s safety.

6. Vaccines: The current vaccine is not produced like a normal vaccine because we have not been able to isolate the actual Covid-19 virus. Therefore, we cannot grow it and weaken it enough to inject into humans to stimulate the production of antibodies like we did with the effective vaccine for polio. They use DNA and RNA, which have the possibility of actually changing who you are as a human. So far, the tests have been limited to a small population and then only to limit the smaller cold like symptoms. Do not take any of these vaccines.

In conclusion, what are the basic 6 things you need to know about Covid-19 relative to your practice?

  1. Display a sign that says: “Do not come to our office if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: coughing, labored breathing, loss of taste and smell or unusual fatigue.”
  2. Keep your opinions to yourself
  3. Do not wear a common mask at any time and only wear the silver mask when required in public or during your office hours to address your patient’s concerns.
  4. Avoid the hospital and especially the use of a respirator.
  5. Encourage nutritional, prescriptive, and natural treatments. Avoid network tv news and enroll in the Board Certification program for Covid 19 to get accurate information and advice.
  6. Do not take any of these new vaccines.