List of Inventions
  1. GST System for the Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer
    Detects and monitors both benign and malignant disease and presents results to the physician and patient immediately.  No contact infrared based.  Was proven 94% effective at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.
  2. ReBuilder Pain Control System
  3. SilverCure
  4. VeinPlicity
  5. SkinCooler
  6. Electronic Tick Removal Tool
  7. AcuPen
  8. Electronic Allergy Detection System
  9. Silver Electronic Iontophoresis Skin Cancer Treatment Device
  10. Electronic Tongue Depressor
  11. Self-lighting Fireplace Grate
  12. Color Enhanced Black and White X-Ray System
  13. HotRock
  14. KittyShip
  15. Electronic Digestive Upset Device
  16. Miniature Electronic Rail Gun
  17. Electronic Automobile Disabler
  18. Electronic Acoustic Personal Disabler
  19. Rechargeable and Reusable Activated Charcoal/Silver Ions Face Mask –
  20. Silver Hand Sanitizer –

For Sale

  1. Electronic Allergy Detection Device
  2. Silver Electronic Iontophoresis Skin Cancer Treatment Device
  3. SkinCooler to electronically eliminate the pain of needle sticks.